Proactive Support For Your Mac

MacSOS Lifeguard alerts me when your Mac develops common,
but critical issues such as failing hard drives, stale back-ups,
malware, freezes, and crashes decreased battery life, and much,
much, more.
Just as a real lifeguard supervises the health and safety of
swimmers, MacSOS Lifeguard, supervises the health and safety of
your Mac, anticipating and inspecting for any problems before
they get out of hand.

Privacy Is Paramount!

MacSOS Lifeguard is a health monitor, not a listening device

  • Read-only client ensures system privacy
  • Cannot track screen or keyboard activity
  • No identifying or location data reported
  • Cannot inspect browser history, or other

    similar user actions

Download our flyer for more information on MacSOS Lifeguard

Lookout Tower And Sunscreen Not Included

Around the clock for peace of mind

With built-in detection for over 200 issues, MacSOS Lifeguard employs direct, preemptive action to resolve problems before data loss or unplanned downtime

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