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Does your tech leave you a wreck?

Let MacSOS rescue you from drowning in a sea of technology

Have a syncing feeling your devices aren’t?

Let MacSOS be your personal Mac lifesaver

Not in command? Out of control? No options?

Let MacSOS give you the keys to happiness

Battery issues left you drained?

MacSOS can take the pressure off

Six Reasons to Hire MacSOS

Plain English Spoken

While MacSOS knows what TCP/IP, AFP, SMB, WPA2, 802.11, IMAP, and SMTP mean, most clients are going WTF! Fear not!MacSOS limits wandering into the jargon jungle and keeps the techie talk to a whisper. On the flip-side, many clients appreciate that Steve will call tech support and speak their language.

Honest, Dependable & Reliable

With 25 years as an Apple IT consultant, MacSOS has gained a reputation as an honest, dependable and reliable IT service provider. Steve prides himself on arriving on time and providing a pleasant, personal, and friendly touch. You can count on Steve to promptly return all client correspondence. He stands by his work and will make it right If you’re unhappy.

Knowledgeable & Apple Certified

As an Apple Certified Support Professional and member of the Apple Consultants Network, Steve is continually staying current with the latest certifications and testing of Apple technology. If Steve doesn’t have an answer, he can reach out to the combined knowledge of other ACNs in the local area and throughout the U.S. In addition, Steve also has a certification as a Certified Wireless Technician from CWNP.

Prompt On-site In-Home Support

Sure the Apple Stores are a great resource. However, they’re often busy and noisy, and getting an appointment at the Genius Bar can often be a significant hassle. They may not have the time or capabilities to address your issues adequately. Think of the Genius Bar more like Urgent Care. In contrast, think of MacSOS as the primary care physician for your Apple products. Steve comes to the peace and quiet of your home and provides white glove, boutique quality, customized service to address your specific needs and issues. Furthermore, if equipment is needed, Steve can drive over to the Apple Store and pick it up for you! For more information about our service area, please refer to our service area map.

 ⑤ Increase Your Productivity

Steve Jobs once said the computer is “the most remarkable tool that we’ve ever come up with,…it’s the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds.” Well, if a computer is a bicycle for your mind does it sometimes feel like your Mac has a flat tire, or needs a tune-up? If your answer is yes, then call MacSOS. I’ll fix those flat tires, and give your Mac a “lube and oil.” The result will be a more productive you.

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 ⑥ Reduce Costs & Save Money

Spending more time troubleshooting your Mac than getting your work done? MacSOS can empathize. Steve will provide fast, efficient IT support to get your Mac working properly. Steve can also discuss with you ways to possibly save money on your internet bill. When it’s time to buy a new Mac, Steve will consult with you on the purchasing decision, often saving you money, getting you better value, and a better return on your investment.

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